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"Many of these commercial stations are similar to Pandora or LAUNCHcast in that you can access them through a standard Web browser and they push down their own client player. Players include ActiveX plug-ins, Java applets and Flash applications. A good example of such a station is WTVR-FM, which services my local broadcast area."á
However, these types of stations are only the tiniest tip of Internet radio. There are many more stations, both commercial and amateur, that broadcast using a standard format, analogous to how radio broadcast stations use AM or FM formats. To follow the analogy further, taking the place of a radio receiver is a receiver program. There are a number of these programs available, ranging from commercial to shareware and freeware. Winamp is one of the more popular of these tools for the PC platform."
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"For our purposes, the main feature of interest is that Winamp is capable of accessing online radio and video stations. This includes everything from commercial stations to over 18,000 Nullsoft SHOUTcast Radio stations. This access includes all of the XM radio stations featured on AOL Radio and hundreds of Internet TV channels.
While I have not tried comparing them, other programs capable of playing Internet radio include the Viddi Radio Player, the Crawler Internet Radio Player & Recorder, and the Web Radio Toolbar. Many of these programs are available for free. You can also obtain hardware Internet Radio receivers, such as one of the SoundBridge models from Roku Labs, that don't even require a computer. The Roku units range in cost from around $130 to $150.
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"While Internet Radio players are of interest all by themselves and for their entertainment and educational value, these are not their only uses. Now that I've set the stage, we'll next take a look at some of their non-traditional applications, whether at home or in the lab."
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John Joyce - LIMS manager for Virginia's State Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. 
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