Internetové rdio a budoucnost tradičního rádia.

Internet Radio and the Future of Traditional Radio
Zajímavou úvahu nad tím jak dalece internetové rádio ohrožuje budoucnost tradičního rádia, najdete na níže uvedené adrese. Jako ukázku přístupu autora Jeffa Bechmeiera, cituji jeden z odstavců.
"A lot of people balance their time between listening to the radio online and traditionally. While at home or at work it can be easier and more convenient to listen to a radio program online. The advantage of listening online is that you won’t have to battle with any type of bad reception to find a station you like. Some people find that listening to music at work makes them more productive, and most online stations have few or no commercials which won’t be a distraction. Traditional radio is mostly listened to while driving in your car. Traditional radio is beneficial for local information such as weather updates, traffic reports, and local events such as fundraisers or fairs."
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"Radios future doesnt look too different".Jde o text, který napsal Joe Borlik a opublikoval ho jako PDF soubor na TÉTO adrese.
Adresa článku Jeffa Berchmeira je ZDE-ZDE.
Oba články jsou ze srpna-září 2009.