Průvodce posluchače portálů, nabízejících muziku zdarma.

Pod názvem "Free Online Music Services Listeners Guide", probírá autor článku Jay Garmon, editor magazínu "NotebookReview.com",postupně 5 hudebních free portálů. Následně se snaží odpovědět na otázku, který je nejlepší. Článek byl publikován 28. ledna t.r.
Cituji z úvodu:
"There are a few basic features common to most of online music services. Usually you can't request a specific song or band, but you can request that one or both are part of your music mix. Rating songs will entice these services to play them more or less often, but you can only skip or ban so many songs per hour (usually about 3-4) before you violate the service's play license and you're stuck with whatever music it gives you. Almost all of these services let you purchase MP3 versions of songs from Amazon and iTunes. Nearly all of them have display and audio ads, which you can ban by upgrading to a monthly subscription service. ... Beyond this feature set, it's the unique differences that make or break an online music service. I detail the various flavors below." ( Konec citátu )
Poté autor probírá postupně nabídky služeb následujících hudebních portálů.
- Pandora
- Slacker 
- LAst.FM
- Groveshark
- Live365
V závěru se snaží autor odpovědět na otázku: Který je nejlepší? A jeho odpověď zní:
"The absolute best online music experience I had came from Grooveshark, simply because I had the most control and the least restrictions applied to the music I heard. For as long as it lasts, Grooveshark is the best thing going in free Web music streaming. I can listen to what I want, when I want, wherever I want. That said, if you don't want to upload you're entire music library online or spend the time building a custom library, Grooveshark may not be for you.
As a runner-up, I prefer Slacker, simply because it has the best interface and the best balance between music discovery (playing stuff you haven't heard) and familiarity (playing what you asked for). Slacker has rich controls if you want them, but the service offered as-is will satisfy most users. Best of all, I don't have to download a widget (Last.FM) or spend hours tuning a station (Pandora) to get a good mix of music on Slacker.
All of these services have something to recommend them, but Grooveshark and Slacker are a cut above the rest." (Konec citátu )
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