Tools regarding Internet Radio broadcasts

Článek věnovaný nástrojům podmiňujícím vysílání, obsahuje i několik myšlenek širšího významu, které tady chci připomenout.
Pod názvem: "Tools regarding Internet Radio broadcasts" článek, který najdete na dole uvedené adrese, napsal John R. Joyce, Ph.D.
Cituji z úvodu k článku:
- "Last time we looked at tools for receiving Internet Radio broadcasts. This time we'll take a look at how you can create your own Internet Radio broadcasts. There are a number of tools that you can use to set up an Internet Radio broadcasting station, such as the free IceCast. One of the most popular sites for this has been Nullsoft's SHOUTcast with their downloadable SHOUTcast Broadcaster Tools. I suspect some traffic mainly because it is free!"
Několik myšlenek:
- "There are a number of specialized Winamp broadcasting plug-ins for use with SHOUTcast. These allow you to not only broadcast from pre-recorded MP3 files, but to broadcast signals from microphones and devices connected to your line-in port as well. Additionally, you can configure your system to broadcast a continuous stream of live audio or to serve on-demand programs, such as a library of podcasts or other archived recordings."
- "Of course, I can sense that while many of you are fascinated by this technology for its own sake, others are wondering what the point of this whole column was. Well, as usual, there is more than one.
Possible reasons to purse this technology include the following:

- You want to listen to your music remotely, without having to pre-select it and download it to an MP3 player.
- You want to share your music with others.
- You want to be able to serve promotional or support broadcasts to clients, the public or other users.
- You want to be able to monitor activity around your home while you are away.
- You want to be able to monitor the office, laboratory or experiment while away. Note: This is not intended for use as a spy tool. Using it to violate the privacy expectations of others can get you into all sorts of trouble."
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