3 aspekty internetového rádia

Three aspects of Internet radio. Use & Enjoy Your A/V Gear.
Článek upozorňuje na potřebu rozlišovat co se pojmem "internetové rádio" označuje. Bez potřebné definice tohoto pojmu si lze obtížně představit co se přesně, v konkrétním případě, pod tímto pojmem myslí. Nabízí tři varianty obsahu tohoto pojmu. 

Cituji z úvodu článku:
"The term "Internet radio" seems to be everywhere. Internet radio's now built into an increasing number of smart phones, laptops, TV, streamers and even tabletop radios. But what exactly is "Internet radio?" If you're one of Pandora's 50 million registered users, or one of the 42 million listening to a web-only show through SHOUTcast, then you're listening a form of Internet radio.
Without some sort of definition, though, it's difficult to see all the exciting possibilities this new medium offers."
Struktura článku:
- Internet radio as streaming audio
- Simulcasting — over the air and over the web
- Webcasting — music chosen for you
- Paying to play — all yours for a price
Cituji ze závěru:
"So what's the point?
As Jim pointed out in a previous post, the biggest appeal for what's known collectively as Internet radio is the opportunity for discovery. Stations all over the world are simulcasting, so you can find out what people in other countries are listening to. Webcasters let you dig deeper into your favorite genres, uncovering music and artists you might not find otherwise. And interactive services can surprise you by serving up songs that fit into the mix you've created, but you might never have selected on your own.
So while "Internet radio" may refer to different types of online audio streaming, in a sense it all refers to one concept — audio adventure."
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