Media Consumption Survey (2009) - on-line průzkum ve 2000 domácnostech

Rozbor výsledků on-line průzkumu 2000 domácností, týkající se změn v oblasti medií
Průzkum uspořádala L.E.K. a publikovala ho v lednu na webu na níže uvedené adrese.
Media Consumption Survey (2009). Opportunities Uncovered & Myths Debunked. January 2010
L.E.K. conducted an online survey of 2,000+ households to measure changes in media consumption and the underlying motivations behind those changes.
Průzkum byl zaměřen do následujících oblastí:
- Consumers’ current media “diet” across 28 media types (e.g. the Internet, cable TV, etc.)
- Directional changes in behavior compared to that of a year ago, and reasons for change
- Current lifestyle habits and media enablement, including new media usage 
The survey targeted several top-of-mind questions from L.E.K.’s media and entertainment clients:
- How do media consumption habits change as new media technologies emerge?
- Where are the real opportunities in new media?
- How has the recession affected media consumption, and what’s secular vs. cyclical?
- Are traditional consumer segmentation approaches still relevant in understanding today’s environment?
The Survey responses measure:
- Directional change in consumption (compared to that of a year ago) across media platforms
- Average time spent on the Internet, watching TV, listening to music and radio, playing games,
and reading newspapers, books and magazines
- Average monthly buy rate for movies across all windows
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